Profesor Dr Marko Munjiza, psychiatrist

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 Prof. Dr. Marko Munjiza,
 Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
 and Institute of Mental Health Belgrade
 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
 E-mail: marko. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; website:

• Date of birth: 22 April 1943rd The
• Place of Birth: Ljubitovica Trogir, Croatia
• Married, two children (daughter and son)


1952-1958. the first six grades of elementary school in his birthplace of Ljubitovica Trogir - Croatia;
1958-1960. seventh and eighth grade elementary school in Trogir-Croatia;

1959th first half of the eighth grade in the city as the Pioneers' student generation home elementary school;

1960-1964. School health technicians in Split;
1964-1966. first two years of study at the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad;

1966-1970. continuation of studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade;
1970th graduated from the Faculty of Medicine 24th February 1970th with average grade of 9.12 as one of the top five students from generation;

1968-1969. scholar at the University of Belgrade;

1965-1968. scholar of the Federal Secretariat for National Defense-Military Home hostels, Belgrade
1970-1971. scholar of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade with paid medical path;
1971st the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade based employment as a clinical physician assistant-researcher at the Scientific - ZMZ research department in Belgrade;


1972-1974. Medical Faculty in Belgrade: Individual graduate studies Expertise: Application of epidemiological methods and mathematical models to estimate risk of occurrence of psychiatric disorder. Master's thesis topic  "The incidence and prevalence of manic-depressive psychosis in Belgrade from
1965th to 1974. The "supervisor prof. Dr. Pedrag Kaličanin. Master thesis defended at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in June 1974th the year before Commission: Slavko Moric-Petrovic, prof. Slobodan Krajinović and prof. et Predrag Kaličanin;

1973-1976. Institute of Mental Health and the Medical Faculty in Belgrade specialization in Neuropsychiatry Exam passed with excellent marks in June 1976th before the Commission: prof. Dr. Slavka Moric-Petrovic, prof. Dr. Milisav Nikolic and prof. Dr. Predrag Kaličanin;

1980th Medical Faculty in Belgrade Ph.D. thesis in the field: social psychiatry with title: "Some social-psychiatric characteristics of affective psychoses in urban environment, "mentor: prof. Dr. Michael Nikolic, komentor prof. Dr. Dusan Breznik. Thesis defended 12th July 1980th before the commission prof. Milan Popovic, prof. dr. Mihajlo Nikolic and prof. dr Slobodan Krajinović;

1981st University Computing Center "Heart" Zagreb rate from the application of multivariate analysis in social and social sciences, Cavtat, May 1981st year:

1986-1988. Chair of Graduate Studies in Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine Belgrade Specializacion in psychotherapy field: interactions in group therapy (supervisor prof.dr Miroslav Antonijevic, Supervisor prim. Tatjana Djukic-Vurdelja);

1988-1989. Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade Specijalizacija in clinical pharmacology,
Expertise: "psycho pharmacotherapy in psychogeriatric" supervisor prof. dr. Ranka Samardzic

A) Institute of Mental Health

1988 - 1992. Head of the Center for Clinical psychopharmacology with biochemical laboratory and pharmacy;
1993-1994.   Head of depression day hospitals;
1996-2000.   Deputy Head, Coordinator of day hospitals;
1992-2004.   Head of psychosis day hospitals for adults;
2004-2005.   Coordinator for the block of social therapy and psychotherapy with daily hospital and out-patient, outpatient
                     department and Head of psychosis daily hospitals;
2007 – 2008.Head of psychosis daily hospital clinic for adults Institute of Mental Health;
B) Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

1980th elected to the position of assistant to the case of Neuropsychiatry;
1983rd re-elected in the same position;
1986th re-elected in the same position.
1987th elected to the position of assistant professor in the same case;
1991st re-elected in the position of assistant professor.
1992nd appointed associate professor on the subject: Psychiatry with the medical psychology;
1997th re-elected in the same position;
1997th elected as a full professor in the same case.
1992-2000. Deputy Head of the Department of Graduate Studies in Psychiatry;
2000-2004. chair of graduate studies in psychiatry;

C) Improvements outside the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade
1991 - Member of the European Psychiatric Association, based in Strasbourg;

1992 - Member of the European Collegiums – neuropsychopharmacology Association based in Utrecht, Netherlands;

1990 - The World Association for the implementation of cost-benefit analysis in psychiatry based in Milan;

1995-2002. The World Association for neuroimaimađing techniques in psychiatry based in Vửzburg, Germany;
1997 - The Association for International first psychotic episode with headquarters in Sydney, Australia;

1997th The International Association for general medical education based in London;

1976-1979. Council member for safety and city police;

1974-1976. The Council of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade;

1985-1991. Consultant at the Institute for moderate mental retardation in the Sremcica Belgrade;

1996-2000. Consultant for psychopathology in a special hospital for cerebrovascular disease "Sveti Sava", Belgrade

1986-1989. Consultant in Clinic for Mental Health Mental DZ "Palilula Belgrade;

2000-2002. Consultant of the Center for Mental Health District of Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

2005 - Consultant Outpatient Hospital Psychiatric Hospital in Kovin;
2006 - Lecturer of the call-professor the academic specialization of social workers
           Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Social Work in Belgrade
2007 - Professor at the University of pan-European Aperion, Banja Luka, RS / B and H


• a total of 320 bibliographic units;
• five papers in journals indexed in Current Contents (CC)
  and / or Science Index (SCI);
• twenty papers in journals indexed in MEDLINE in;
• Thirty-eight papers in journals that are indexed in MEDLINE or CC in;
• entire sixteen printed works (in extenso) in collections of national importance;
• Thirty-eight terminals in the collections of national importance;
• six chapters in textbooks;
• twenty and one chapter in monographs and books;
• eight printed books, including his dissertation with three updated editions;


1975th Yugoslav Patronage Association , Zagreb, April 1975., "Place and role health visitor in the protection and promotion of mental health "

1976th Yugoslav Coordinating Committee-Association for occupational therapy (JUKO), Nis, September 1976th "The place and importance of work and occupational therapy in the transitional psychiatric institutions "

1978th Regional Congress of Social Psychiatry, Sofia, Bulgaria, June 1978 "Psychosocial factors in the ethiopathogenesis of affective disorders in rural and urban environment "

1982nd Yugoslavs symposium on schizoaffective psychoses, Split, October, 1982."Clinical and epidemiological aspects schizoaffective psychosis";

1986th II Congress of Yugoslav suicidology, Osijek, May 1986th "Meteorological influence in the study of suicidal behavior;

1989th Mediterranean Association for Social Psychiatry, Zagreb, April 1989th The "Clinical Aspects of social psychiatry;

1986th Association clubs of treated alcoholics Belgrade in April, 1985. "The importance of active social-psychiatric follow-up in outpatient conditions "Plaque and gratitude Association for many years co-operation;

 1988th Subsidiary doctors Vrbas and Kula "Modern pharmacotherapy depression";

1988th Psychiatric hospital Popovača "research methodology in clinical psychiatry”;

1991st Psychiatric Clinic, Medical Faculty, Pristina, "Targeted clinical Epidemiological studies in clinical psychiatry;

1996th  Technical Conference of the Psychiatric Association of Bulgaria with international participation, Varna, October, 1996.   "Clinical and epidemiological features of reactive disorder;

1997th Subsidiary doctors Jablanica district, Leskovac, September 1997. "Marginal child and the risk of occurrence of schizophrenia and affective psychosis;

2007th Expert Conference on daily hospital, Nis, March 2007 "Today's situation and perspectives of partial hospitalization in psychiatry "

2005th moderator of the roundtable on the occasion of half a year of day hospitals in Kovin, „Kovin”, December 2005. "Origin and significance of partial hospitalization in contemporary psychiatry "

2008th lecture in a psychiatric hospital, living in Jagodina on the occasion of 30 anniversary work, Jagodina March 2008. "Indications and contraindications for admission to psychiatric day hospitals "


1972-1974. City Planning Institute, City Institute for Health and the Department of Mental Health Belgrade environmental factors influence physical and mental health of the population of urban area of Belgrade ";

1973-1974. National Assembly of Serbia, Ministry of Health and Department of Mental Health Belgrade status and neuropsychiatry service organizations in Serbia;

1976-1980. Ministry of Science and Technology of Serbia, Institute of Mental Health and Medical Faculty in Belgrade, "Epidemiological and genetic aspects schizophrenia;

1982-1984. Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Mental Health
Belgrade pilot survey of the laity and experts psychiatric patients;

1996-2000. Ministry of Science Republic of Serbia, Institute of Mental Health and Medical Faculty in Belgrade in the first
phase of research on sub-projects "Pharmacotherapy affective disorder"

1966-1968. Awards for Medical Administration SSNO achieved success in studies; Jubilee November Prize of the University of Novi Sad and Belgrade to achieve studies;

1969th Award of the Council of Medical Faculty in Belgrade and participation in the excursion to Western Europe;
1969th Plaque and Charter Student Association, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade;

1995th Scholarship and free participation in the 9th European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology in Venice;

1996th stipenija and free participation in the European congress psychiatrists. London, July, 1996.
1996th Scholarship Organizing Committee 10th European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacologies in Amsterdam;

1998th editorial board of the tenth-year project "RAS" Design Studies  "Cardiology"; gratitude the editorial board;

1986th Trade Union Serbian silver badge with thanksgiving for the many years of very well organized voluntary activities in Serbia.

1976-1985. Chairman of the Traditional Yugoslav symposium on the application
epidemiological methods to protect the environment and ecology (Member of the Organizing Committee);

1976th Yugoslav Seminar and social psychiatry (the organizational and scientific

1976th First Yugoslav Congress of gerontology (the organizing committee);

1978th II Yugoslav seminar in social psychiatry (Member of the Organizing Committee);

1980th III Yugoslav seminar in social psychiatry (Member of the Organizing Committee);

1982nd Moderator public forums on mental health in community, Youth, Belgrade, May 1982;

1986th II Yugoslav Seminar in social psychiatry (Member of the Organizing Committee)

1986th The Yugoslav Seminar on day hospitals in psychiatry (the expert committee);

1988th II Yugoslav Symposium on day hospitals in psychiatry, Zagreb, April
1988th (The expert committee);

1989th Chairman of the symposium on the psychopathology in schizophrenia VIII
International Psychiatric Congress, Athens, October, 1989;

1995th Chairman of the symposium on the treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism in the Balkan conference on addiction, Belgrade, September 1995;

1996th Chairman of the Symposium on Mental Health Congress of Serbian doctors,
Vrnjačka Banja, April, 1996;

1996th Chairman of the symposium on schizophrenia at the 12th Psychiatric Symposium
Danube countries, Timisoara, April 1996;

1996th Chairman of the Symposium on reactive disorders at the annual professional
Psychiatric Association conference international with the participation of Bulgaria, Varna, October, 1996.

2005th Moderator professional conferences on day hospitals in psychiatry regarding
the opening ceremony of the day hospital in a psychiatric hospital in Kovin, December, 2005;

2007th Moderator of the Symposium on day hospitals in psychiatry on the occasion of the thirty years of Outpatient Hospital Institute of Mental Health in Nis, Nis, March,

2007th 2008th participation in the roundtable on "Mental Health of the Republic of Serbian" Banja Luka, March 2008;

2008th Indications and contraindications for daily hospital Expert meeting on the day hospitals occasion of the 30-godišnice of Outpatient Hospital Medical Center in Jagodina
Jagodina, May, 2008;

IX Research Interests

Social psychiatric dimension in psychiatry, Psychiatric disorders in general medicine (author of the monograph: "Acute and chronic psychosis in primary health care," Elit-Medica, Beograd, 2005. And the main author and his associates professional monographs: "The first interview in clinical practice" published Elit-Medica, Beograd, 2007, the main author of: "Delirium and acute confused state in psychiatry, neurology and internal medicine," Elit-Medica, Beograd, 2007; Modern treatment of psychosis and depressive disorders; Clinical psychopathology (author of the monograph " General clinical psychopathology to health workers and associates, "published by the Pan-European" Aperion "University of Banja Luka," Introduction to clinical psychopathology, "Elit-Medica, Beograd, 2008, Application of epidemiological methods and multivariate analysis in psychiatry, Socio-economic aspects of treatment and organization in psychiatry; Evaluation of treatment in psychiatry, health care in psychiatry and geriatrics. The author of the monograph: "Psychiatry on the threshold of the XXI Century", Pan-European "Aperion" University of Banja Luka, 2008th, "Health care in psychiatry, University of pan European"Aperion" Banja Luka, 2008, and" care in geriatrics, "Aperion" University of Banja Luka, 2008.

Belgrade, 23th Novembar 2009.                                                          Prof.. dr. Marko Munjiza, MD, PhD


May 2010.

1. City of Belgrade Award for Medicine in 2009. year
2. Professors activities in geriatric care and treatment in psychiatry and geriatryat the Pan Apeiron in Banja Luka
3. Consultant in Health Dr Ristić in Belgrade
4. Membership in more commission for evaluation and public defense of masters thesis at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade